Cashing In On Rental Property

(MONEY Magazine) — Most of the news lately about real estate has been dismal: Home prices are swooning, foreclosures ballooning.

There is, however, one bright spot: the rental market, where demand is up and rents are rising. That’s partly because those foreclosures have turned more than 4 million former homeowners into renters, but also because many other prospective homeowners, worried about losing their jobs or housing prices falling a lot further still, are reluctant to buy now.

As with many investments, the best time to get in is when most others are sitting on the sidelines. To figure out whether you can benefit by investing in rental property, read the rest of the article: Cashing in on rental property.

Denver Housing Market Tightens

The Denver housing market is experiencing a lack of inventory — or, more precisely, “compelling” inventory, as some agents call it.  Homes in the $300,000-to-$600,000 range in Denver’s older neighborhoods and places such as Highlands Ranch can move surprisingly fast, said Michelle Ackerman, a broker with Redfin.  The inventory of homes available for sale in metro Denver in August was down 23% from August 2010, and down 5% from July, according to analyst Gary Bauer.  Read article: